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ParisJS meetup at Google

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

  • 7:30pm

    Before dotCSS & dotJS conferences, Paris.js is organizing a special meetup hosted by Google.

    This will be a great opportunity to meet developers from all over Europe who are coming to Paris for the weekend :-)

    They're looking for speakers so you can submit a proposal here!

    8 Rue de Londres, 75009 Paris (map)

    Meetup event

React Academy Workshop

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

  • 9am - 5pm

    Do you want to learn more about React? Join us on November 29th for an exclusive full-day, hands-on coding workshop to explore React and its broader ecosystem.

    The workshop will take be held from 9AM to 5PM. You’ll delve into topics ranging from basic React fundamentals to advanced state management and styling with component-based libraries.

    More details at reactacademy.io

    Kristijan Ristovski
    Making reactacademy.io and creator of ok-google.io & sizzy.co

    OXiane HQ
    98 avenue du Général Leclerc, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt (map)

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