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Cette année, dotJS est clairement une réussite. Avec des talks extrêmement intéressants, trouvant le juste ton entre complexité, amusement et vulgarisation. Vivement les dotJS 2018 !
We can say that it was a subtil mix of technical aspects and more general thoughts. [..] We will certainly not miss the next one in 2018.
En conclusion, cette édition de dotS fut riche et variée, aussi bien au niveau des sujets abordés (accessibilité, développement JS, hack, …) que de la qualité des talks.
The emphasis on diversity and inclusion was evident, accessibility was a major theme across multiple talks.
As you could expect, the speakers were stellar. Some talks made us want to ponder our assumptions about how we write JavaScript and come to a more elevated understanding of our front-end ways, and some of them made us want to grab the nearest keyboard and tinker frantically with WebAssembly, TypeScript, or WebGL.
We enjoyed it tremendously: the food was good, the people were nice, and the seats were comfy. The guys from dotConferences did a really good job again.


​Cette conférence est aussi un moment enrichissant sur le plan culturel, à l'instar de l'audience majoritairement composée d'européens et d'américains [..] Cela a donné lieu à des échanges et débats intéressants sur l'avenir de Javascript en général.
We attended to the dotJS 2016 conference, which gave a voice to some big players of the Javascript world [..]! Here is our short feedback, conference by conference.
La journée nous a offert 10 talks présentés par des personnalités du monde du Javascript, ainsi que 8 lightning talks animés par des volontaires. [..] Voici un résumé des talks de cette journée.
All in all, there was a great range of content at dotJS this year. It was particularly interesting to hear JS experts’ opinions on the current ‘hot’ frameworks [..].
I really enjoyed the 20 minutes talks. Their format reminded me of Ted Talk Conferences. I discovered so many interesting subjects I didn’t know much about… It was brilliant and mind-opening. I came back willing to look up most topics to learn more about them.
We attended the dotJS 2016 conference and thought the venue–the Dock Pullman in Aubervilliers–was great! We loved everything about the event: great organization, good food, and most importantly, high-quality featured speakers.
dotJS est toujours l’occasion de sonder l’écosystème JavaScript pour avoir un avis sur les technologies à la mode.
Billed as "the biggest js conf in europe", it is quite a crowd - something over 1000 attendees. But that's not what made it stand out for me - rather it impressed me as a quality event with an attention to detail, so kudos to the dot conferences team. I was impressed with the caliber of the other attendees I spoke with too.


I have to say, being — mostly — a back end developer, I learned a lot during this conference and discovering all the cool stuff one can achieve with JS has inspired me to know more and sharpen my scripting skills.
Au programme, une salle, une douzaine d’orateurs, plus de 1000 développeurs dans le public et des conférences de 20-25 minutes entrecoupées de petits fours.
It's always a pleasure to come to Paris and enjoy a dotConference, I was here last year and when I went out of the conference I just wanted to come back. Well, they have done it even better and with even more people. I am really happy about the trip, the conference, the people and everything we learned.
Chaque année, elle accueille des speakers prestigieux présentant des sujets divers et variés : cette année était notamment annoncé Brendan Eich, l’inventeur du langage.


This dotJS was the best one. More technical than the first one but less specific and more inspirational than the second one, it was an amazing day, and I wish it lasted longer. Once again, I'll definitely be back next year.
dotJS made a huge impression on me. I was surprised by the level of preparation and organization. I liked that the coolest JS developers from all over the world - are just normal people who are happy to communicate, share new ideas, give advices.


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Nous étions présents une fois de plus et comme l’année précédente nous n’avons pas été déçus.
dotJS est une journée consacrée au langage JavaScript, créée par dotConferences, dont le but est d’apporter des conférences du niveau de TED au monde de l’informatique.
I liked it. I liked being there, the speakers were all interesting people and most of them gave good presentations. Having Brendan Eich present was amazing for the second edition of the conference.
Du point de vue de l’organisation, il n’y a rien à reprocher à cette édition de dotJS : superbe lieu et programmation alléchante.


Overall I have to admit that – while a primer – the conference really was great. Organization was great, and the team did an awesome job during the day, too. [..] My final vote: next dotJS will see me going there again!
Dès l’introduction, nous avons été prévenus que le dotJs n’était pas une simple conférence technique mais que celle-ci s’apparentait plus au style des conférences TED où la transmission d’idée et de passion prime sur la technique. Cela s’est vérifié dans l’après midi car la matinée fut assez technique pour le plus grand bonheur des développeurs présents.
A great time was had by all and we made a lot of new developer friends. Thanks to the dotJS team for putting on a great event. We’re looking forward to next year already!